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Programme Management

Programme Management

Delivering excellent experiences

Ensure your new graduate and school leaver talent enjoy a consistently excellent experience from the moment they start with you. Our programme management solutions help you to deliver on promises made during the attraction campaign and subsequent hiring process. Your dedicated on-site team, with support from our off-site resources, provides excellence in project and programme management.

Effectively managing a programme can be burdensome, especially when your team is also liaising with business stakeholders on hiring needs for the next academic year or working on strategic projects like the new attraction campaign. We have the resources and experience to support you.

Designing and implementing your programme

Our full programme management solution leverages all of our programme management, campus and school leaver market experience for clients. In addition, we can provide a consulting service to help design your programme, benchmark against other companies' programmes and align it with your employee value proposition.

Typically our team sits side-by-side with your own. Scalability is provided by our off-site teams in our Global Client Service Centres. This enables us to deliver and coordinate all learning and development activities that form the programme. From liaising with internal HR and training colleagues or external training suppliers to ensuring employees are booked into the right events.

You're kept in the loop throughout. We provide status updates and reporting on activities in your programmes, including measurements of satisfaction - and hence of experience - from programme participants.

Ask us how we can design a tailored solution that meets your needs to ensure your hires fulfil their potential.


Case Study: Attracting graduates for Atos

Alexander Mann Solutions turned what graduate candidates didn't know about Atos into a positive engagement message, through an engaging branded game.

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