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Why the Chief Experience Officer is the new CEO in the boardroom

Jerry Collier, Global Client Development Director at Alexander Mann Solutions, reveals how the arrival of a new CEO in the boardroom will set a new business agenda for talent management.

Meet the new CEO in the boardroom – the Chief Experience Officer – who is the business leader tasked with driving a holistic experience agenda across an organization. This new CEO understands that it is user experience that will give your organization competitive advantage. Beyond the critical agenda item of customer (or consumer) experience, the CEO also understands that the experience of your candidates, employees and alumni (aka the employment consumers), is critical in ensuring you attract and retain the very best talent to drive your business forward, as well as delivering on your customer value proposition.

Organizations need to import the thinking behind the concept of user experience design from the world of marketing to change the way talent is managed within your business. When employees are the foundation of your organization’s success, we must start treating the employment consumer as well as we treat our consumers.

Too few companies have a fundamentally differentiated and distinct product or service value proposition to define their organization and the same is true of their talent agenda. With a differentiated and distinct talent proposition, your organization can design a meaningful and engaging user experience across the whole talent lifecycle.

In the current era of always on social and digital communications and connections, where 140 characters can make or break a brand, it is ever more important to ensure consistency of this experience. Yet for many companies a huge gulf exists between the brand experience they offer to their customers and the day-to-day experience of their employees and candidates. This situation is unsustainable. Ensuring the user experience is candidate and employee facing as well as customer facing has never been more vital.

In our opinion, this is why companies must embrace the role of the Chief Experience Officer; the position that ties together user experience in the consumer and candidate world. The Chief Experience Officer needs a seat at the board table to ensure this sits at the heart of the organization, with the right leadership support.

We welcome the new CEO. Experience wins.

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