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Catalyst Magazine Issue 2

APAC retail sector is currently experiencing profound disruption. Data analytics is becoming more and more crucial to improving customer experiences throughout the region and has climbed to the top of business agenda for retailers of all shapes and sizes as customer expectations shift.

According to a Forbes Insights study titled ‘Data elevates the customer experience’ published in association with SAS, a business intelligence and data management company, 42% of retail executives of their recent survey anticipated that their use of data analytics to significantly shift their ability to deliver better customer services. The survey also found that only 9% of respondents expect there to be no changes at all to customer experiences. Businesses are increasingly digitising to keep up with customer’s digital shopping behaviours. To stand out and be successful, retailers are evolving into leaner and more agile businesses that excel at “experiences” whilst staying globally competitive on price. 

There is a significant role for talent acquisition teams to play in order to directly contribute to the success of the retailers of the digital age through identifying, attracting, and engaging with talent for the business. In this article, Vanessa, Caleb and Andy shared the five steps to engaging and acquiring talent that is geared towards accommodating the digital environment. 

Should you have any queries regarding this article, please do not hesitate to contact:

Vanessa Byrnes, Sector Managing Director, Retail Banking & Insurance / Retail & Consumer

Caleb Baker, Managing Director, APAC and Emerging Markets

Andy McDaid, Consulting Lead

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