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Brand and Challenge

A Centrepiece of Your Talent Acquisition Strategy

What is the value of a brand, in real money? It may be an imperfect science, but brand value does exist— and it’s taken seriously by marketers, executives and financial markets alike.

From a talent perspective, the impact can be significant. In 2013, LinkedIn and Lippincott conducted research looking at the intersection of talent brand and corporate brand, as measured by their own proprietary indices. In looking at hundreds of companies, research showed that companies with both a strong talent and corporate brand had a five-year cumulative growth in shareholder value of 36%. For companies that fell short in both areas, shareholder value decreased by 6% over the same time.

We believe there are pivotal moments in the candidate lifecycle when an individual makes a decision to engage or disengage with a brand. Get those moments right, and you create a living, breathing employer brand that candidates and employees alike will champion. Get them wrong, and you’ll find it difficult to get the kind of talent you need to succeed. 

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