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Transforming the Talent Acquisition Function APAC Research Report

Alexander Mann Solutions APAC report: Organisations should use predictive insights for data-driven talent acquisition, sourcing and engagement

Brand and experience, sourcing, technology and automation cited as biggest challenges for HR

Global talent acquisition and management services provider, Alexander Mann Solutions, announced today the launch of a research report titled Transforming the Talent Acquisition Function. According to the findings, it was revealed that establishing and communicating corporate brand and enhancing candidate experience, finding the right sourcing channels and methods, and effective utilisation of technology and automation are the three biggest challenges for human resources professionals today.

One of the first comprehensive studies of the Asia Pacific talent acquisition market, the research investigates the views of more than 150 HR executives and experts in Australia, China, Hong Kong, and Singapore on key issues and trends related to talent acquisition in terms of six key levers which influence the design of a talent acquisition function: Structure & Capability, Brand & Experience, Sourcing, Technology & Automation, Data & Analytics, and Assessment.

While corporate brand and candidate experience is stated to be one of the top requirements contributing to the overall talent acquisition process, 43% of the surveyed HR executives considered it as the number one challenge among all the levers. One of the most significant factors is the need to communicate an employer value proposition effectively that differs across a broad range of age demographics and experience levels.

The research also noted more than 70% of all HR executives see a shortage of qualified candidates for their vacancies, making sourcing the second major challenge. Amongst all sourcing channels, internal referrals are still utilised by most HR executives surveyed (80%), followed by social media (78%) and paid job boards (76%). Organisations are seeing the business benefits that social media can offer for more efficient sourcing results. In additional to using both traditional and digital strategies, they should continue to maximise efficiency of sourcing through digital platforms and invest in insight-led sourcing channels that are customised for active and passive candidate markets.

In addition, with online technology being widely used during the talent acquisition process, 79% of all HR executives felt that mobile technology will lead the way for talent acquisition, opening up remarkable opportunities for connecting and engaging with candidates, such as mobile-friendly company websites, candidate communication using mobile messaging tools, and candidate assessment via mobile devices. Organisations are recommended to implement professional technological tools, including candidate relationship management systems (CRMs), and advanced technologies, such as predictive analytics, which can contribute to better hiring decisions. 

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