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Things I've Learned in Business with Tracy Hurst

Tracy Hurst

18th May 2017

Tracy Hurst is the Global Head of Sourcing Operations at Alexander Mann Solutions. The global talent acquisition and management firm employs over 3,500 talent specialists servicing 11+ sectors in more than 80 countries. Tracy’s role is to ensure effective talent sourcing is being delivered, leading over 400 talent specialists globally for over 65 blue-chip clients. Tracy also recently spent time establishing and growing Alexander Mann Solutions’ Global Client Service Centre in Belfast which opened its doors in 2015 and now employs over 200 people on Great Victoria Street in the city.

Create a vision - and repeat it often 
Our fast-paced modern working world often causes information overload, so it’s critical to repeat your most important message of vision and purpose. This keeps it fresh in minds and makes it more likely that goals will be achieved.

Stay focussed on outcomes 
We are simply obsessed - obsessed - with how busy we are and how much we are actually getting done. For me, giving importance and recognition to results and outcomes achieved, instead of actions completed has led to more empowered workplaces and more effective delivery of results. Paired with effective communications about expected results and governance over critical tasks, quality and capacity, the return on this approach has been significant.  

Walk in your customers’ shoes 
Clients value that you are spending your time effectively, thinking about them, communicating openly, and giving your best in delivering to them. In my experience, thinking about clients first generates better outcomes, makes internal decision making easier and can help to normalise change within an organisation.


Accept perception as the reality you are working with 
Accept that what someone says about your business is their reality. To combat negative perceptions, and continue to preserve positive viewpoints, it’s helpful to encourage dialogue, listen openly and work on how to   continuously encourage positive notions. Effective communication is usually at the top of my list when it comes to overcoming these issues in business. As a general rule I think that you can communicate too much information, but rarely too often.

Look for disagreement to build better ideas 
Isn’t it great when everyone agrees with each other, and even better when everyone supports your ideas? While it has been important to find people who will support my ideas I have found equal value in those who want to make them better and offer different perspectives, as well as highlighting risks and issues I may not have considered. Without balanced views about ideas, significant time and money can be wasted unnecessarily.

Adapt to your market
Very few products or services succeed on a ‘one size fits all’ basis. Spending time understanding new customers (and more importantly, always identifying the needs of your current customers before they even realise they have them) makes it easier to deliver what is vital and will lead to more successful relationships.

Original Article in the Northern Ireland Chamber.
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