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Talent analytics key to cracking ‘destructive’ skills mismatch

Michael Wachholz

To review the original article click here 22nd Jan 2019

HR strategists must harness technology to ensure that talent is being deployed most effectively – or suffer the consequences of employees becoming overwhelmed, demotivated or unproductive.

The recommendation comes following research from the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD) which found that almost half of all employees (49%) are in jobs for which they are either under-skilled or over-qualified. The report found that 12% of workers felt they lacked all of the skills needed to carry out their job effectively, while 37% thought they had sufficient skills to cope with a more demanding remit than their current role offered.

Despite this skills mismatch, almost a quarter of those surveyed said they have not received training in the last year.

Commenting on the announcement Michael Wachholz, Global Head of Contingent Workforce Solutions, Alexander Mann Solutions, notes;

“When you consider the impact that disengagement and demotivation can have on a company’s bottom line, it is clear that a mismatch between skills and job remits has the potential to be extremely destructive for a business. And with the CIPD’s data confirming that those whose skills are well suited to their role were more likely to be satisfied in their career, it is crucial that HR strategists focus energies on deploying resources in the most efficient way to aid both productivity and retention.       

“Using talent analytics to map internal workforces enables organisations to align skills with real-time business needs and mitigate current and future talent gaps – or talent surpluses. Once HR strategists gain a ‘helicopter view’ of skills on the ground, they can focus efforts on upskilling team members, augmenting their workforce by hiring temporary contingent works to meet demands and fill gaps, so that each individual – and the business as a whole – has the opportunity to reach their full potential.”

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