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Robots and gigs: the future of work

How will automation and the rise of the gig economy change the nature of work?

The Business Times

To review the original article click here 9th Nov 2016

I VIEW the increase in automation and the uptake of the gig economy to be a positive trends.

Technology undertaking repetitive jobs allows workers to be freed up to pursue more meaningful, skill-based tasks.

It is a reality that automation will replace employees in certain roles, so companies and employees alike should ensure that they continue to upgrade their existing workers’ skillsets through training.

I also believe that the gig and traditional economies can grow together with companies leveraging freelancers to deal with the fluctuations of their workforce needs.

HR functions then become increasingly crucial as they must regularly review and improve on existing policies.

For instance, companies should consider what they can do to include gig workers as an integral part of their workforce to stay competitive.

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