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Thinking Out-of-Box with Pre-Built Integrations

In discussion with Talent Collective, Alexander Mann Solutions

HR Technologist

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Mike Webster, SVP, Technology and Operations Consulting, Americas at Talent Collective, Alexander Mann Solutions talks about providing integrated technology solutions to solve talent acquisition processes and problems in the HR space like employees spending more time fighting the systems. He suggests HR managers to focus on creating custom technology suites to accommodate critical needs with building a road map for future needs and enhancements also. Mike has a degree in B.A. English from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts and is fond of volunteering for causes like animal welfare, economic empowerment and children.

Let’s start by briefly introducing Alexander Mann Solutions. In a sentence, what is Alexander Mann Solutions and what’s its unique value proposition?

At Alexander Mann Solutions, we enable people and organizations to fulfil their potential through talent acquisition and management globally. Including via Talent Collective firm, of which I’m a part of, our dedicated global consulting group that acts as a trusted partner, supporting some of the world’s most recognizable brands in becoming true employers of choice.

Is yours a point solution or a suite? Why did you choose to build what you built?

Both, in fact. Since we are “Technology Agnostic,” we have a unique ability and goal geared towards solving each unique client pain point and technology needs. We’re not beholden to any one offering, so we don’t try to force in a technology because we’re stuck with it or to meet a quote. While we offer a suite of products, it is critical that we implement what is needed, versus simply selling a solution.

We create custom technology suites to accommodate critical needs, while building a road map for future needs and enhancements.

What problems are you looking to solve in the HR space?

In many cases, we’re looking to provide technology solutions that finally offer seamless, integrated products that communicate together to actually streamline processes, which in turn frees up talent acquisition and HR employees to spend more time performing their roles and less time fighting with the systems. There has also been a large increase in demand for candidate experience solutions in today’s competitive job market - offerings that allow businesses to attract and engage candidates through the application process. How to keep top talents engaged with so much competition is a tricky problem to solve. But, whether it be a chat bot on the front end, or CRM/ATS campaigns to keep in contact and update on current and future openings, there’s a lot that can be done via HR tech.

What is your take on the massive explosion of HR Tech companies across so many categories? Salesforce as well is making inroads into the HR space. Do you see competition, opportunities to partner and/or integrate?

There is no doubt that the volume of new companies and products being introduced into the marketplace is fantastic for the end users. The HR space is experiencing the same technology-based disruption that so many other fields are encountering. There are people analytics, automated benefits management, social tools for team collaboration, offerings that help create robust training programs, and so on. All accessible in the cloud, all right now.

As agnostic technology professionals, we commit ourselves to investigating, and often times partnering, with as many tech companies as we can in order to continue to deliver the most comprehensive and newest technologies for our clients.

If there’s a pain point in an HR or talent acquisition process, you can bet that there is a technology to help it, and a dedicated team like ours to implement a solution that ties it all together.

It’s about the best results, and it’s a better time than ever to find innovative solutions.

What questions are your buyers asking you? How is that impacting your product/solution roadmap? Are there any new features or upcoming upgrades that you’re excited about and would like to give us a sneak peek into?

The big question, really, goes back to one of those big problems we’re trying to solve. With so much innovation, and so many options, how can we make this more seamless and tailored? We consistently hear client pain points involving integrated solutions, or lack thereof. While they may be happy with the technology, their frustration is, for example, that they have 5 pieces of tech, yet only a couple speak to each other. This, in turn, causes redundancies and invalid data. While there are many ways to integrate and solve for this, the costs can be prohibitive.  What clients demand is technology stacks that can not only be integrated, but come out-of-box with these integrations pre-built. Many of the larger tech companies have sought to solve for this in their upcoming releases, which is quite exciting for us and our clients.


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