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Alexander Mann Solutions Wins NorthCoast 99 "Great Workplace," "Talent Attraction & Retention" Awards

Helping Clients Attract Talent, And Doing A Pretty Good Job Of It Right At Home In Cleveland

Cleveland Magazine / NorthCoast99.org

To review the original article click here 30th Aug 2017

Alexander Mann Solutions, the world’s leading provider of talent acquisition and management services, today announced its 5th consecutive NorthCoast 99 “Great Workplace” Award Win for their Global Client Service Center (GCSC) office in Cleveland, Ohio. This year, the company was also recognized for a category award for their for "Talent Attraction and Retention" efforts. Featured below is an excerpt from 'Cleveland Magazine' covering the wins.

The company is proud to be recognized by ERC as one of Northeast Ohio’s 99 best places to work 2017. Alexander Mann Solutions has received the award every year since opening its doors in Cleveland in 2012.


NorthCoast 99 recognizes great places to work for top performing people that drive results, provide competitive advantages, and allow businesses to innovate and grow, like Alexander Mann Solutions does. 

The following is an excerpt from the September 2017 edition of Cleveland Magazine, which included a special section from NorthCoast99.org covering the award and spotlighting special award winners. The full magazine can be read here. This portion cover Alexander Mann Solutions from pg. 36-37 :




PAMELA HEATH can’t wait to get to work. Even on Mondays.

“It’s important for me to love my job and the people I work with,” says Heath, a member of the administrative team in the Cleveland office of Alexander Mann Solutions. “It’s important to want to go to work every day.”

And while many employees would jump at the chance to work from home, Heath actually missed the office atmosphere when she had to work remotely during a renovation of the firm’s Erieview Tower offices last month. “It’s hard to be away from my peeps,” she laughs.

A veteran of more than 20 years in the corporate banking industry, Heath was hired after attending the firm’s day-long open house last October. Office staff members came up with the idea for the event, which was specifically designed to tap into one of Northeast Ohio’s top resources – it’s diverse talent base.

A global talent acquisition and management firm, Alexander Mann Solutions has a client list that includes Credit Suisse, Rolls Royce and Nike. The company chose Cleveland over Raleigh, N.C., as the hub of it’s U.S. operations, a decision that has paid dividends in the space of just five years.

“One of the most important things about being here was our belief about the talent in town…and that proved to be correct,” says Mark Jones, the firm’s American director of operations and senior vice-president. “We were blown away, really.”


In 2012, Jones arrived in Cleveland fresh from his native England and went to work with a staff of 12. Today, thanks to employee referrals, marketing efforts and an alliance with the state job-matching program OhioMeansJobs, he expects 200 on staff by the close of 2017.

“We have a good mix of people from different backgrounds,” he says. “Nothing gives me more satisfaction then to see someone from another business background become a success with us.”

While Alexander Mann Solutions’ brand was well-established on a global scale, it was initially an unknown entity here.

“We learned that typical approaches didn’t really tell people who we were,” says Tanya-Marie Nichols, a senior manager and the firm’s first Cleveland hire. “We had to start from scratch…it was all about being distinctive, coming up with ideas like the open house.”

Despite having no prior experience in the field of talent acquisition and management, Heath has proved a perfect fit.

“I feel very engaged,” she says. “A lot of times management doesn’t listen to the people who are actually doing the work. Here, you’re valued and your opinions matter.”


With an open floor plan, employees often interact throughout the course of a typical day. “Yes, you’ve got a job to do but people need to enjoy coming to the office,” says Jones. “The fun is creating a culture of people who have the same values as we do – people who are distinctive, have passion, authenticity, and bravery.”

Heath was somewhat hesitant to embrace the open workplace but soon came to love it. “By being that close together we can have conversations. … If you’re having a bad day you can break it up with a little laughter.”

In the past year, the Cleveland center has landed several large accounts while still maintaining it’s laid-back vibe.

“We have a really strong sense of community here,” says Jones. “We live and breathe it every day."

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