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Most Considered Candidates Don't Meet Role Requirements

Jeremy Tipper

To review the original article click here 9th May 2016

According to a 2016 Global Recruitment Survey from international recruitment firm Alexander Mann Solutions, in cooperation with Social Talent, three quarters of candidates who are considered for a job do not meet role requirements.

The data was based on responses from 998 recruiters. The reports shows that this mismatch is evident in further findings that 282 candidates are, on average, considered for every role. Furthermore, social media is exacerbating the issue, with 72% of candidates found through online searches being discarded at an early stage.

“While hiring managers now have a vast array of sophisticated tools at their disposal to source talent, there is clearly still work to be done in the development of targeted recruitment processes,” Jeremy Tipper, Consulting and Innovation Director at Alexander Mann Solutions, said.

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The reports states that the amount of wastage that has been revealed could be damaging to an organisation’s employee value proposition and could be detrimental to future hires. The true extent of the negative impact this is having on a company’s reputation is evident in further findings from the report that 72% of candidates contacted regarding a role do not respond.

“Huge waste and inefficiency still exists within the recruitment industry,” Jonathan Campbell, CEO of Social Talent, said. “Even after many years of recruiters discovering and learning brand new techniques to attract the best talent, wastage still remains resulting in reduced productivity and static hiring stats. The silver lining here is that there is a massive opportunity in the industry for recruiters to redefine their candidate pipeline.” Go to Alexander Mann Solutions LIVE Go to Alexander Mann Solutions LIVE

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