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Everyone into the (talent) pool!

Stay afloat when it comes to talent acquisition

Jake Ebenhoch

14th Aug 2015

For most organizations, the recruiting struggle is all too real. According to a 2015 LinkedIn survey, 75% of leading US companies are expecting their hiring volumes to increase, while only 49% are increasing their talent acquisition budget.

Most of you are probably living and breathing recruitment every day, but here are some statistics from major industry contributors that bring to light what is happening in talent acquisition today:

  • Passive talent now accounts for 75% of all professionals worldwide[1]
  • Overall, time-to-fill has increased to 52 days from 48 days since 2011[2]
  • 68% of recruiters expect hiring competition for qualified candidates to increase[3]
  • The interview process has increased by 3.3 days since 2009 increasing the amount of offers rejected by candidates[4]

The business is demanding more, candidates expect white-glove attention, and hiring the wrong candidate can significantly hurt your business. The evolution of today’s market puts an immense amount of strain on what is already a very lean talent acquisition team at most organizations. The truth of the matter is that most companies do not have either the capacity or the capability (or both in some situations) to provide the level of attention that each element of the recruitment process requires.

So where is the best place to make an impact?  There are several “right” answers to this question. One of the most effective is to develop an efficient and effective talent pooling process.

Read the full whitepaper, by simply clicking the following: Everyone Into The (Talent) Pool U.S.

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