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Catalyst 2018 – Austin Networking Event Highlights

Catalyst 2018 – Austin Networking Event Highlights

Talent Acquisition Takes SXSW

20th Mar 2018

South by Southwest is the year’s most innovative event, attended by the world’s most innovative professionals. And in 2018 that was especially true as it was also the site of our second Catalyst event of the year! "Talent Innovation Takes SXSW," our Austin Catalyst Networking event, was an exclusive get together featuring some live music, great food and even better talent acquisition conversation.

After a busy day of keynotes and breakouts, this event was an exclusive and agenda-free opportunity for leaders with talent on their 2018 agenda and beyond to have one-to-one talent acquisition conversations with new friends.

It featured a live performance from recording artist Brian McKenzie and his album “Bruising from the Fall."

Austin Event Gallery

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This gathering was part of the Catalyst event series from Alexander Mann Solutions, engagements crafted to inspire innovation, encourage collaboration, provoke debate, showcase best practice and spark change in the world of talent.

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