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Catalyst 2018 – Anaheim Networking Event Highlights

Catalyst 2018 – Anaheim Networking Event Highlights

Big games. BIGGER talent conversations.

15th Oct 2018

LinkedIn’s annual Talent Connect is the premier event of the year for top leaders, innovators, and influencers in the talent acquisition space. Over 100 of them started their conference out right by joining us for an exclusive, agenda-free networking event amongst their peers, complete with giant games and fun.

Over 100 influential talent acquisition professionals unwinded at our invite-only gathering from a Bourbon Street inspired balcony overlooking Downtown Disney. It was a great, casual opportunity to have talent acquisition conversations with new friends while playing XL Jenga, Checkers and Connect 4.
We proudly hosted the event in conjunction with SocialTalent, the world’s leading recruitment learning solution, and Fairygodboss, helping improve the lives and workplace for women through transparency.

At the event, guests had the opportunity to meet 2018 LinkedIn Talent Connect speakers Sam Schlimper, a Head of Resourcing at Barclays, and Erica Titchener, Head of Technology Consulting at Alexander Mann Solutions, ahead of their joint LinkedIn Talent Connect talk “Recruitment Process Automation” and Johnny Campbell, SocialTalent CEO, ahead of his talk "Welcome to the War for Skills."

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This gathering was part of the Catalyst event series from Alexander Mann Solutions, engagements crafted to inspire innovation, encourage collaboration, provoke debate, showcase best practice and spark change in the world of talent.

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