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Alexander Mann Solutions at the forefront of the RPO evolution

Human Resources Magazine

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Founded over a decade ago by CEO Rosaleen Blair, her vision for Alexander Mann Solutions was to revolutionise and professionalise the way that blue-chip multinationals attract and retain the best talent and help the best people in the industry reach their full potential.

As technology continues to upend the industry, Alexander Mann Solutions has delivered on that vision as a true pioneer in the recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) industry.

Recent gold award winners of Human Resources’ Vendors of the Year “Best RPO Partner”, Alexander Mann Solutions is at the forefront of the evolution of the industry from Rolodex(recruiters personal handwritten network) to predictive analytics.

When RPO first established its role in the human resources industry, it did just as the name suggests, it outsourced the recruitment process to an external service provider.

RPO firms were tasked with finding a needle in a haystack through newspaper adverts, phone calls and referrals, while the recruiter Rolodex focused on filling immediate vacancies rather than long-term strategic goals.

In just 10 years, the role of the RPO has evolved in a way no one had dreamed of previously. Now a true partnership has been formed with clients that go beyond job vacancies.

Today, experts can tap into wider talent pools, better identify and analyse where skills gaps lie and evaluate when individuals are likely to leave in order to create strategic workforce plans.

“The biggest change is that RPO is no longer ‘outsourced’ in the traditional sense. The evolving nature of talent and indeed corporate requirements has led to greater integration of RPO teams with their clients and talent networks alike,” says Caleb Baker, managing director for APAC and the emerging markets.

The ability of Alexander Mann Solutions to cater to each client’s needs and work as a team has seen the firm survive and thrive in its ability to help its clients anticipate changes in their industry and take advantage of what lies ahead.

This takes a flexible and innovative mindset that Alexander Mann Solutions exemplifies by giving employees autonomy over where and when they work. The capabilities of technology, corporate culture and the expectations of the millennial generation are rapidly changing demands.

Organisations, which don’t offer their people, the option to work in a non-typical way must consider becoming less prescriptive around location or hours or risk losing their best talent to employers, which do.

Alexander Mann Solutions’ clients who employ flexible working options report increased productivity and improved employee wellbeing, as well as enhanced talent attraction and retention.

In 2017, auditing firm PwC released its future of work report that stated 65% of people would like to work for a company with a strong social conscience and most potential employees are looking for a firm with a culture that aligns with their own social awareness and beliefs – a trend long identified by Alexander Mann Solutions. It helps its clients realise traditional recruitment is changing so it forges partnerships that sees RPO teams become truly embedded in an organisation.

Technology has certainly led to an overhaul of the RPO sector, and according to Alexander Mann Solutions, it will continue to disrupt and shape the recruitment industry.

“As predictive analytics begin to play a greater role in recruitment strategies, these data-based predictions enable an individual’s core competencies, soft skills and personal profile to be assessed, with little bias, in line with the role and company culture,” Baker said.

“More importantly, it is this tool that can pre-empt which existing employees may be looking for a job move – handy information in an uncertain world where the war for top talent is rife.”

Baker predicts that niche recruitment firms will dominate the sector where they will increasingly work together to deliver the best results possible for clients and candidates in the future.

“For organisations to continue to thrive, agility is key. Without the ability to adapt quickly and seamlessly to the evolving market, talent acquisition and management strategies will quickly become outdated and irrelevant.”


Alexander Mann Solutions引領招聘外判服務的演變

Rosaleen Blair十多年前創辦Alexander Mann Solutions,並出任公司的行政總裁。她創立該公司的願景,是革新藍籌跨國企業吸引及留住最優秀人才的方式,使之變得專業化,並幫助行內最優秀的人才發揮最大潛能。

隨著科技不斷改變行業,Alexander Mann Solutions已達成願景,成為招聘外判服務(RPO)行業的真正開拓者。

Alexander Mann Solutions成功引領行業從採用Rolodex(招聘人員個人手寫旋轉式名片夾),走向運用預測性分析,並在《Human Resources》最近舉行的年度最佳人力資源服務供應商大獎(Vendors of the Year Awards)頒獎禮上,勇奪「最佳RPO招聘合作夥伴」組別的金獎。





Alexander Mann Solutions亞太區及新興市場董事總經理Caleb Baker表示:「最大的變化是,RPO不再是傳統意義上的『外判商』。人才和企業要求不斷演變,促成RPO團隊與其客戶及人才網絡的更大整合。」

Alexander Mann Solutions不斷求進,滿足每位客戶的需求,並以團隊的方式工作,幫助客戶預測行業變化,率先掌握未來發展的優勢,令Alexander Mann Solutions更加蓬勃發展。

Alexander Mann Solutions讓員工可以自主選擇在何時何地工作,充分體現公司靈活創新的思維。先進科技、企業文化、以及千禧一代的期望,正不斷推動招聘需求的轉變。


很多Alexander Mann Solutions的客戶表示,採用靈活工作方式有助提高工作效率,改善員工健康,並提升企業吸引及留住人才的能力。

羅兵咸永道會計師事務所於2017年發佈的未來工作報告指出,65%的人願意效力具備社會良知的公司,而大多數求職者正尋找一家符合個人社會意識及信仰的企業。Alexander Mann Solutions早已預測到這一趨勢,並幫助客戶明白傳統招聘模式正在轉變,因此與企業形成夥伴關係,使RPO團隊真正融入企業之中。

科技無疑令RPO行業徹底改革,據Alexander Mann Solutions表示,科技將繼續顛覆及塑造招聘行業。





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