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Implementing technology for a global energy client

Delivering Talent Acquisition savings for an Energy organisation

Incorporating customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities into an existing system can be a delicate process. That's why we planned out every step for our client - from design and compliance to configuration, training and deployment.

The Challenge The Challenge
  • Incorporate CRM and talent pooling capability into the existing PeopleFluent system without any adverse effects on other parts of the system
  • Design a straightforward process that is simple to use with strong functionality
  • Deliver a smooth user experience for candidates and the sourcing team

The Solution The Solution

Our global energy client needed to integrate CRM into their existing PeopleFluent system. But they could not risk disrupting other services in the process. Crucially, the system had to provide all the functionality the sourcing team and candidates required with a simple user experience.

To achieve this, Alexander Mann Solutions designed a solution to incorporate end-to-end CRM capability into the client’s PeopleFluent system. We worked closely with client stakeholders to ensure a smooth and compliant solution. We configured, tested and deployed. And we conducted tailored training for the sourcing team so they could put this new capability to work.


The Results The Results
  • Successfully implemented the CRM workflow
  • Delivered a holistic recruiting process
  • Supports client strategy of career-long relationships with candidates

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