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Bots Don't Byte whitepaper

Bots and bodies working together to create more efficient HR and recruitment processes

With a reported investment in intelligent HR and workforce-related products of US$1.87 billion and over  53% of talent industry professionals planning to implement AI in their organisations in the near future, the conversation around ‘Bots vs Bodies’ isn’t going away anytime soon.

Robotics and AI are changing the way we attract and engage talent. These innovations have become a way of life for us as consumers – Siri improving our search capabilities, Alexa becoming our newest assistant and companion and Spotify helping us choose our next favourite playlist.  But the use of AI and robotics in recruitment is still a relatively new concept and one that brings both excitement and concern to many HR and talent acquisition professionals.

In this whitepaper, Caleb Baker will explore the ongoing debate of Bot’s vs Bodies and uncover the effect AI and robotics are having on our HR and recruitment processes.

nfographic - Whitepaper - Bots and Bodies

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Caleb Baker, Managing Director, APAC & Emerging Markets

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