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When Does Internal Recruitment Become Internal Mobility?

by Paul Modley

Client Partner and Head of Diversity & Inclusion 10th May 2016

When does internal recruitment become internal mobility?
With an increased focus on internal mobility many organisations are asking how they transform their existing internal recruitment teams to meet the needs of their future workforces.  As we’ve already heard from @Hema Bakshi the changing generational make up of the workforce is in part driving this change. So, what are the levers that truly differentiate an agile and responsive internal mobility service?

Establishing a dedicated and standalone internal mobility team is key.
Setting a high benchmark of previous experience for team members, ensures that it is seen as a highly skilled and valued function, rather than an internally focused recruitment administrative team.  Differentiate the service by providing internal candidates a flexible and modular service including CV and interview preparation and coaching.

Technology is a key enabler
Investment is required in a CRM tool to develop an understanding of your internal talent as well as providing a tool to manage on-going engagement with internal talent pools.  These tools, which are ideally mobile enabled, provide internal candidates easy access to a site where they are able to manage and update their internal mobility profiles.

Developing an internal communications and engagement plan is critical
This will enable you to positively engage internal stakeholders.  Positioning the service at an early stage with internal hiring managers and employees, sets out clear expectations of the service.

Enable your internal mobility team to evolve
This allows you to develop better ways of working with talent management and learning & development functions. This provides the internal mobility team with a greater appreciation of key talent across the organisation facilitating a joined up approach to retain talent.

In an increasingly fluid and fast changing business environment, a dedicated internal mobility service offers businesses a competitive advantage.  It does require investment in people, systems and processes, but the return  in driving increased employee engagement and the ability to retain talent far outweigh the required up-front investment.

Paul will be sharing his insights and expertise at Alexander Mann Solutions' Catalyst 2016 event in London on Monday 16th May.



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