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Two-way Assessment: Your Graduate Assessment process is a window to your organisation

by Joy Koh

Head of Consulting, APAC 11th Oct 2017

In recent years, we have seen an unprecedented increase in technology investment, globally. This has led, this year, to the most disruption seen in the HR technology market in over a decade.

Meanwhile, candidate expectations have matured in parallel with their experiences with online purchasing, from the giants in the retail and consumer world (the likes of Amazon, Apple, and AirBnB). How they consume information has also changed with the explosion of video, social media and mobile. This is not the first time you have heard this, nor will it be the last. 

Understanding these changes in consumer and candidate expectations, many organisations have invested heavily in updating their attraction, communication and social media strategies. However often overlooked, is the same level of attention and review of the organisation’s assessment and selection process. Organisations are still struggling to identify the right talent, and Graduate recruiters are often overloaded with applications from candidates who know little about the job, and understand nothing about the company culture. CEB studies show that 1 in 5 graduates consciously apply for jobs they are not interested in; and 3 in 4 graduates do not understand the day-to-day responsibilities of a job, before starting work.

Modern assessments of personality and intelligence were introduced in the United States and Europe during World War I, to aid in military selection. Organisations then introduced them post World War II, to assess candidates. However today, assessment is no longer simply asking a candidate to complete a test. It’s a two-way evaluation process, from as early as when a candidate is conducting research on your careers website, and continues when they begin to work with your organisation. Candidates form an impression at every touch point, and an outdated, cumbersome assessment process not only negates all of the investment made in candidate attraction, it has a negative impact on your employer brand.

How do candidates view your organisation’s assessment process?

Our third Catalyst event will be held the 9th of November, in Singapore. Join Caleb Baker, Managing Director for APAC and Emerging Markets at Alexander Mann Solutions, and Dr Alan Bourne from SOVA Assessment for a thought provoking session on Assessment trends for Early Talent.

Look forward to meeting you at Catalyst on 9 November.

Watch this video on YouTube and YouKu to learn more about what's in store this year.


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