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NACE 2018 Recap: Technology brought its best game, but it's human element FTW in recruiting

by Amber Battin

Brand & Experience Manager 15th Jun 2018

Put down the Terminator references and say it with me - "In recruiting, human connection was, is, and will be, irreplaceable in attracting the best talent and providing the best candidate experience.“ Feels good right? It's because it's true.

Campus recruiting technology solutions were both famous and somewhat infamous at the 2018 Conference for the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). From AI and automation, to virtual experiences, to events management, to CRMs and sourcing platforms, technology was heard throughout learning sessions, Q&A time, small group conversations, with the majority of vendors, and generally rumbled everywhere you went.  You couldn't get away from it.

BUT (and it's a big 'but') it wasn't the technology that was deciding how to use humans in recruiting, it was humans (universities and employers) debating and creating and innovating around how to benefit other humans (students). The genuine and shared care for students among all NACE 18 participants rang the loudest - the conversation wasn't "how do we build recruiting solely around efficiency?" rather it was open collaboration around, "how can we better prepare students for virtual interviews at our career center?“ and "how do we find the right balance of high tech and high touch for students when they go through our recruiting process?" It takes humans to combine altruism and transformation.

Everyone at NACE 18 enjoyed being together for these conversations - feeling human connection is one of life's simple pleasures (that should be enjoyed regularly!).  It's that same feeling that students crave in the recruiting - connecting with other humans who will help define their career experience for years to come.

This is a space where my team lives and thrives – please drop me a message if you’d like explore how we can support your unique talent acquisition strategy!

Special note: If you ever need a good laugh and a reminder of how far machine intelligence has to go, take a peek at any one of Janelle Shane's posts on her explorations in training neural networks to imitate humans. Come for the ice cream flavors, stay for the recipes. (www.aiweirdness.com; @JanelleCShane on Twitter)



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