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Innovation or Non-ovation (no innovation) in recruitment?

by Jerry Collier

Director of Global Innovation 28th Sep 2016

Are you embracing change or slowly becoming a victim of it?

Before we dive in let's first consider what's happening in Asia outside recruitment:

  • June 2016 saw KFC unveil a takeout meal box that doubles as a phone charger.
  • July 2016 saw on-demand taxi firm Didi Chuxing include an SOS button allowing passengers to alert the company should they feel at risk.
  • Ori & MIT collaborated to deploy robotic furniture suites designed for micro apartments with under 300 square feet of space and Rentomojo now offer on-demand furniture for hire.
  • ...all these businesses/ideas (& many others) serving the accelerating expectations of city dwelling Asian consumers; UN-Habitat estimates that more than 50% of the Asia population will be urban by 2018. 

It's clear that consumer (& therefore candidate) expectation is accelerating; Asian brands today have a clear view of their connected consumer, using (some might say exploiting?) their personal data: location, purchase history, media preferences and more...

So how are we embracing innovation in recruitment to meet accelerating candidate expectation? Are we using artificial intelligence to locate & listen to the 'conversation' of potential candidates, then targeting engaging content at these prospects? Are we creating our own version of the one-click, mobile optimised purchase or do we remain analogue in our process & apply thinking? Video job ads have moved into the mainstream but have we? Are we experimenting today, or waiting for others?  Innovation or Non-ovation - what is your Catalyst for change?

Join us Catalyst Hong Kong on 19 October 2016, we'll be exploring future workforce trends and hearing from industry thought leaders about their own experimentation & innovation ideas. Please click here to register.



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